03 September 2015

Blues Bytes ‘balls-to-the-wall’ review of “Breaking And Entering”

“Eliza Neals is a balls-to-the-wall rocker when it strikes her. It strikes her often on the impressive explosive debut, Breaking and Entering (self-produced). Paired with the dynamic guitar work of Howard Glazer, with guest spots from Kid Rock’s guitar player Kenny Olson on a pair, this has Detroit written all over it. 

The opener, “Detroit Drive,” is a stunner, with just Neals and Glazer’s dobro. The combination is flawless. Neals is reminiscent here of Fiona Boyes, full of a low growly inflection. The title cut has that killer ‘Rock Me Baby’ groove. She says there “ain’t no need to call the cops” because she’s “gonna make your heart stop.” You know this is a dangerous lady. Glazer’ licks are fiery and inventive. For those of you who remember Maggie Bell from the 1970s, it’s a good point of reference.” 

Go here to read more of Mark E. Gallo’s review on BluesBites part of BLUE NIGHT’s websitesThank You Mark and yes the postman magical delivers good music without postage on it lol Xxo