29 May 2017

‘Blues Bytes’ hypnotic powerful sublime stunner “10,000 Feet Below”

“Eliza Neal’s newest, 10,000 Feet Below (E-H Records), follows through on the promise of her debut. The variety is impressive, opening with Howard Glazer’s National Steel-propelled “Cleotus.” Backed by handclaps this semi-acapella reading by Neals is hypnotic. Ten of the 11 tunes are originals. A sublime take on Skip James’ “Hard Killing Floor” is given a powerful interpretation with vocals, piano and Glazer’s sizzling guitar…”

BluesBytes Got my number cause they have two reviews back-to-back thanks to Mark E. Gallo (this review) & Graham Clarke (previous) 

There’s more to read over on BluesBytes so catch it while you can! Thank you writers!