27 June 2015

Blues & Co French Review of “Breaking and Entering”


This is a chick that lacks a safe(zone), I would even say a voice that would recall a certain Joplin? Yes! But a Joplin with a raspy voice, serious and full of banter, powerful and relatively flexible, privately not incidentally, miss Eliza. Not only she has strong lungs and sings very, very well, but in addition she composes with mastery on keyboards. Not bad then? Yes. But her blues is very strong rock blues, even if occasionally it softens it a whisper and defer guitars saturated, those of Howard Glazer or Kenny Olson, eventually killing. Finally. Yes! Still a very well made blues album, which will appeal without a problem to fans of rock and other lovers of big guitars”

Thank you BLUES & CO for your cool review from France! I did my best with a translator to keep your words pure! Bing and Google gave me the best they could. I am not sure what issue this is as I was sent this image! Thank You Frank Roszak for the article!