18 May 2017

Blues in Britain Tattooed on your Soul review “10,000 Feet Below”

Eliza Neals infests her vocals with a ferocious, alligator infested, deep Delta timbre, which along with her “deep in the gutter keyboards and Howard Glazer’s ferocious guitar expletives, make this an album of “hell and brimstone” blues rock that should be tattooed on the soul of all you blues-rockers out there.

‘Cleotus’ sounds like a Delta infused Manitou with it’s menacing vocals and hell-fuelled slide as if Neals has just crawled back from ’10,000 Feet Below declaring’ “I’ve just got back from hell and I’m on my way back”. ‘Another Lifetime’ has a voodoo-fuelled Johnny Jenkins feel, the anguish in Neals’ vocals and the ferocity of the guitar plumbing the depths the band has descended too on the previous 2 tracks.

‘Burn the Tent Down’ is infused with a heavy Cream feel – ‘You Ain’t My Dog No More’ has Neals preaching the blues like Muddy’s “Mannish Woman” – ‘At The Crossroads’ with it’s haunting piano and vocals has the band sounding liking a “blue” Moody Blues – whilst Skip James’ ‘Hard Killing Floor’ is turned into a blues-rock anthem incited by Neals’ “down in blues alley” piano.

It is no surprise that Neals’ backing band are called the Narcotics, as she will have you in “ecstacy2 on this addictive set (www.e-hrecords.com)

by Mick Rainsford”

A visit to the Mississippi River with a Magazine that crossed the Atlantic to reach these ears! BLUES IN BRITAIN magazine gives us a premiere review of “10,000 Feet Below” in their MAY 2017 issue 185! Go and find it get it read it then… HAVE IT TATTOOED ON YOUR SOUL!