02 December 2019

Blues Matters to die for “Sweet or Mean” review

“This is a 6 track EP that delivers raw blues in its finest form. “Pawn Shop Blues” is a straight throat punch type of song that opens the EP with such a bang. For someone who was operatically trained, Eliza Neals is blessed with a blues vocal to die for.”

Well Yes I’m not singing for my dinner I’m singing for my worldwide audience! I was told years ago to go into the blues but my heart was in rock so here I am Blues-Rock!

“Guitarist and producer, Popa Chubby (Ted Horowitz) is at the fore-front of this wonderfully tight bunch of musicians that support Eliza as if their very lives depend on it. If ever there was a way to open a blues EP then this is it. “Blackish Gray” slows the pace down just a little. Not only does Eliza possess a brilliant blues vocal but she also has song-writing skills to match. This song has a sultrier feel to it lyrically, but still retains the core raw blues of a wonderful singer and terrific backing band.”

Blackish Gray on of the sleepers on the EP still making the rounds on radio, thanks to keen ears of everyone really listening.

“Bitten By The Blues has a killer lyric. ‘A rock and roll girl that’s been bitten by the blues’ sums up this entire EP perfectly. It really is what Eliza is all about. Although there are only 6 tracks it has all the attributes of a full-blown album. “Livin’ With Yo Mama” does make you compare her voice with that of Janis Joplin or Etta James, as does the entire EP but there is something else within her DNA that helps stamp her own authority on all of her work.”

I’m original as this direction was never planned, I just ended up here. I had no idea nor was I ever even listening to Janis or Etta except for ‘At Last’ from way to many wedding gigs, lol. 

“Perhaps that has something to do with her opera training, but whatever it is it certainly fits well here. “Knock Knock Knockin” is the only acoustic track on here but it certainly packs a punch. Short sweet and mean, no pun intended, with raw vocals and brilliant acoustic playing from Popa Chubby highlights the versatility of Eliza Neals and her song-writing abilities. “Pawn Shop Blues (Roadhouse)” is the final track. A slightly different version to the opening track the (roadhouse) effect gives it a more live feel. Talking of live feel, this writer cannot wait to catch a live performance of this brilliant blues artist. A must for every blues fan.”
Well Thank You BLUES MATTERS I’m to die for…