30 December 2017

BluesMusic Fan Radio TOP 20 Blues Songs of 2017 – 10000FeetBelow


BLUES MUSIC FAN Radio has chosen “10,000 Feet Below” in the TOP 20 Blues Albums of 2017!

It’s unreal what we accomplished in 2017! ‘10,000 Feet Below’ appealed across so many platforms of radio and we are thrilled to chart on end of the year best of lists! Here’s what Blues Music Fan Radio had to say:

“2017 was a remarkable year for the Blues genre. Some exciting new artists hit the airwaves, some sad passings, and either way, time does march on. I think I speak for the station when I say we get really excited to hear new takes on traditional blues and we honor and deeply respect those that originated the genre as well. That being said, we are a Contemporary Blues radio station, and we soon start our fifth year in operation bringing you our selections for the Top 20 Blues Albums of 2017, as selected by our DJs.”