24 May 2022
Bman's Blues Report taking names Badder to the Bone review

Bman’s Blues Report taking names “Badder to the Bone” review

“On slow blues, Queen of the Nile, Neals shows real soul on vocals, playing piano and taking names.”

Bman’s Blues Report usually the first person to review my records if not the first to complete a review has said his usually short but concise review of my latest album “Badder to the Bone.” here’s a bit more…

“With a tango rhythm and nicely blended vocals, the stylistic guitar work of Puwal makes Bucket of Tears a real standout. Soulful, Heathen, drips with southern soul under the vocal control of Neals and with the thick B3 and piano work of John Gavin.”

I can’t say much more other than THANK YOU BMAN and go read his cool website that does not wait to review almost every great blues album that comes out in the world.