09 November 2015

ClassicLite ‘greats of yesteryear’ Review of “Breaking and Entering” – MUSIC MONDAY

“Neals is one of those tough girls with a hard exterior but insides that melt, the perfect synthesis laid down by the greats of yesteryear.”

Thank you Classicalite out of NEW YORK for your wonderful ear listening to what I created with my musicians. One thing though, I produced most of this album and co-produced a few with Mike Puwal. Click here to read it all CLASSICALITE REVIEW OF “BREAKING AND ENTERING”

“To that end, she has, indeed, learned her lessons (just not with the opposite sex, if you believe her lyrics). Vulnerability hidden by a crass demeanor is a world-weary exercise in female detachment. Neals plays it to the hilt. Recorded in old-school analog (as opposed to being digital-clean), you can draw a not-so-straight line between classic names like Big Mama Thornton, Ruth Brown, Etta James and Janis Joplin right on up through today’s brand of red hot mama like Shemekia Copeland and Sena Ehrhardt. This is what Eliza Neals strives for. More often than not, she succeeds.”