26 January 2018
Eliza Neals single Another Lifetime Jan 2018 release

Eliza Neals “Another Lifetime” – Single Release 1/26/2018

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“Eliza Neals infests her vocals with a ferocious, alligator infested, deep Delta timbre, which along with her “deep in the gutter keyboards and Howard Glazer’s ferocious guitar expletives, make this an album of “hell and brimstone” blues rock that should be tattooed on the soul of all you blues-rockers out there… ‘Another Lifetime’ has a voodoo-fuelled Johnny Jenkins feel, the anguish in Neals’ vocals and the ferocity of the guitar plumbing the depths the band has descended too on the previous 2 tracks.” Blues in Britain 2017

“Check her out while she’s still “dangerous good” and unknown…Eliza Neals hit us hard with both the toughest voice from a female blues / rock singer we had heard for a long time, and an attitude quite similar to a Beth Hart more than 10 years ago. She felt like a fist, and it’s relatively rare a female singer so that degrees are tougher than maybe even Iggy Pop. Now the sequel to hard-wearing “Breaking And Entering” is here, and Eliza Neals consolidates her position as a lady who has the blues in her soul while rocking hard… If you like a fiery and strong female blues / rock voice and classical rocket rifle and dedicated blues jelly, you’ve come to the right train station with this lady. The surprise moment from the previous album, “Breaking And Entering”, is gone. We know she’s good and this album confirms it. And we believe in her. She writes all the songs herself” Blues News Norway 2017

“Henry Stuckey may well have invented the gothic blues sound, but Skip James took it to the next level, Ledfoot gave it the name, and now, Neals has perfected it… Her operatically trained voice is sexy, and menacing. It drew us in to her essence so tightly, that we felt stifled, yet unwilling to escape. Neals took us to a confined, sweltering place, and welcomed us…” American Blues Scene 2017

“Detroit Music Award winner has received the highest critical acclaim from both sides of the pond where comparisons have been made with Beth Hart and Janis Joplin. “Another Lifetime” and “Call Me Moonshine” confirm that her raw, emotional voice has impressive range and depth, enhanced by the dynamic, piercing guitar work of Howard Glazer. Indeed, it is the frenetic and empathetic interplay between these two which is key to the power…” Blues Matters UK 2017

“Eliza Neals brand of rock-blues shifts from hard edged noir narratives to emotive, heartfelt and spontaneous moments that you might call blues expressionism. It’s an album full of hard hitting colorful lyrics, unique phrasing and musical ebullience, never too far removed from her Detroit base. And in those moments when her poetic lyrics are simply too impenetrable, she simply wraps her yearning voice round the words like ivy to squeeze every last nuance from her own efforts. She attacks each song with total commitment, passionate phrasing and draws on raw gut emotion from deep within her soul…” Get Ready to Rock UK 2017

“Alongside the likes of Beth Hart and Joanne Shaw Taylor, Eliza Neals is a woman of outstanding virtue who has held up the new dawn, the second coming of the genre as one that is not only powerful, rich and supple, but to whom is the perfect and natural successor to those who put recorded Blues on the map and before the over abundant decay that was all too down and beyond redemption; the path taken by Ms. Neals is one that sings of glory, of pain, of wonderful beaten sarcasm and generous fulfilment, one that is unmistakably brilliant in the hands of a woman with passion on her side.” Liverpool Sound and Vision 2017

“In the new studio album, Eliza Neals lets us know that she would be a great exception among the many albums this year. For all the power, all the expressiveness and total commitment Eliza instructs us that this is the album that no-one would dare to write, leaving a large, significant mark on the blues scene. There are several reasons for such claims…” Soundguardian, Croatia 2017

Eliza Neals – Vocals / Hammond B3
Howard Glazer – Blues Guitar
Paul Randolph – Bass
Skeeto Valdez – Drums

PHOTO: John Bull
Location: Boom Boom Club – South London