03 April 2021

Music-Map.com Eliza Neals Blues-Rock band associations


Type in a band’s name… Get instant wild hovering, floating results and see associations of other similar sounds, historic connections, similarities to old and new musical groups and bands.

I was surprised cause I rarely look up this kind of AI (artificial intelligence) trickery. But my curiosity got the best of me and the associations based on the AI ears said this…

Led Zeppelin, Buddy Guy, Coco Montoya, Sony Landreth, Sharon Jones, Beth Hart, Walter Trout, Ana Popovic, A.J. Croce, Tommy Castro more name and Eliza Neals.

The image is not agreeing with me but check out the tweet here and of course type in your favorite bands name https://twitter.com/elizanealsrocks/status/1375813528540622851?s=21