11 December 2021
Eliza Neals Spotify Wrapped 2021

ELIZA NEALS Spotify Wrapped 2021

Here are my Spotify Wrapped 2021 numbers and I’m giving you my music lovers more of what record labels & signed artists see but very often don’t share. It was a great year I’m an indieblues artist and know spotify is just one part of a much larger music picture ❤️ Like I said on my Twitter “ Music101 Don’t look to Spotify to justify your music life. Who owns Spotify? They are the gatekeepers. Yes I have good numbers but it’s just a % of a recording artists career. Just say thank you all for listening 💕 Song : ” #Sugar_Daddy🍭 feat. King Solomon Hicks 2021″

2021 Spotify Wrapped Highlights:

4163 New Playlist in 2021

9389 Saved Songs

3473+ Followers