24 March 2017

‘Get Ready to Rock’ UK original and hardest review “10,000 Feet Below”

Eliza Neals’ brand of rock-blues shifts from hard edged noir narratives to emotive,  heartfelt and spontaneous moments that you might call blues expressionism.

It’s an album full of hard hitting colorful lyrics, unique phrasing and musical ebullience, never too far removed from her Detroit base.

And in those moments when her poetic lyrics are simply too impenetrable, she simply wraps her yearning voice round the words like ivy to squeeze every last nuance from her own efforts.

She attacks each song with total commitment, passionate phrasing and draws on raw gut emotion from deep within her soul…

‘10,000 Feet Below’ is a Gothic blues album that takes no prisoners…”

THIS REVIEW by Blues Writer, Curator, Award Winner, Selector and so many other good things for UK Music scene Mr. Pete Feenstra had me jumping for joy. There is so much MORE so READ HERE! ONE MORE THING…

“’10,000 Feet Below’ is a unique album and there’s nothing out there in the contemporary blues-rock world to compare. Eliza is an idiosyncratic songwriter and all the more adventurous for that…

Right now Eliza Neals is the most original and hardest hitting voice to come out of the Detroit blues scene for years and that great musical city’s reputation should be all the stronger for an album like this.” Thank You Pete!