11 September 2015

“Blues Magazine” #24 Covermount “IN SAFE HANDS – The Next Generation of Blues Superstars”

BLUES MAGAZINE UK has featured my song “Detroit Drive” from “BREAKING AND ENTERING” on their magazine’s album (covermount as it’s said in the United Kingdom) “THE NEXT GENERATION OF BLUES SUPERSTARS”… so pick up issue number 24 of “The Blues Magazine” when it hits the stands today September 11, 2015!

eliza-neals-blues-magazine-uk-2015-next-generation-of-blues-superstars-01I am sharing the album with so many great blues musicians including Joe Bonamassa, Robert Cray, Joe Louis Walker, Canned Heat, Jo Harman, The Rainbreakers, Dirty Thrills, Chantel McGregor, Hamish Anderson, King King, Jay Jesse Johnson and Ben Hemming! I can’t wait to actually have my copy so I can listen to all these great artist’s cool music.

eliza-neals-blues-magazine-uk-2015-next-generation-of-blues-superstars-03Well my new fans and old I want to hear your feedback on “Detroit Drive” across the pond there and around the world! Oh and you can hear the song at my “Home Page” just scroll down a bit to take a listen, but it’s even better when you add all these other cool artists to one covermount! Such and Honor to be included on this list and I am looking forward to playing the United Kingdom and Europe next year!

Shout Out to TEMPERMILL in Ferndale, Michigan + Dave Feeny the owner and master engineer on  “Breaking and Entering” AND Erik Maluchnick the tracking engineer and ‘drum’ player on “Detroit Drive.” “Breaking and Entering” was recorded on all analog equipment and microphones including Michael Jackson’s favorite board a “Harrison 32” just like the custom one in Tempermill.

I am overwhelmed this day “September 11th” and my heart and soul goes out to the families of the passed souls on this day…