05 October 2017

Lemon Wire previews Eliza Neals live music show tonight at Rathskeller IN

The Rathskeller will be ready for live music tonight at 7pm with visiting blues-rocker Eliza Neals takes the stage with her band the Narcotics!

Lemon Wire the forum for readers and writers to share musical ideas, styles, cultures, and perspectives wrote a cool article. Saying Eliza Neals and her firebrand live music of Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock with twist of Southern Jam Band yesterday.

HERE’s the LINK to the ARTICLE

“Neals’ voice comes in with both passion and grit in the recordings of her piano-driven tunes. After studying with Motown legend Barrett Strong, she earned her place as one of the last truly Motown-trained singers.  The music she plays in Eliza Neals and The Narcotics is a conglomeration of styles.”

Making our way in this world of music is not easy but it’s great when press like this comes along and greases the entry way. We have played Indianapolis before and always love the audience and our super fans there. This is our first time in Rathskeller and from the photos it looks like a super fun venue to give the audience just what they always wanted… sexy ass rockblues and detroit blues for their soul!

The Rathskeller 401 East Michigan Street Indianapolis, IN 317-636-0396

“Set in the historic, 19th century Athenaeum Building downtown, The Rathskeller is reminiscent of both a quaint inn tucked in the Bavarian hills and a lively beer hall in Munich.”