28 December 2015

M – Music and Musicians – ‘toughness is affectation’ review of “Breaking and Entering”

ONE LAST REVIEW to Kick 2015 right perfect in the arse! Thank You Music and Musicians Magazine…  great to share a magazine with Ringo Star on the cover!

Eliza-neals-breaking-and-entering-Music-and-musicians-2015-review-alone“‘There ain’t no need to call the cops,’ this Detroit belter sings on the title track, and while that’s probably true, she sounds like a girl that could cause some trouble. Some of that toughness is affectation — a requisite for her kind of greasy, growling, blues-rock prowling — but Neals isn’t doing dinner-theater Janis Joplin. Kid Rock guitarist Kenny Olson turns up on ‘Southern Comfort Dreams,’ a tender ballad of the Guns N’ Roses variety, while ‘Sugar Daddy’ delivers unexpected Motown girl-group sass. Neal could’ve named the album after track six, ‘Pretty Gritty,’ about some tough chick who’ll eat you for breakfast. She probably didn’t have to do much research for that one.”