08 July 2020

Michael’s Music raw “Black Crow Moan” review

“the album’s only cover, “Ball And Chain,” a song by Big Mama Thornton, but one I was introduced to on a Janis Joplin cassette I bought when I was thirteen or so. Eliza Neals’ voice has a raw edge, which works so bloody well here. There is both power and heartache in her delivery. She really digs into this one. And that guitar work is fantastic. Plus, there is some cool work on keys.”

Derek St. Holmes accompanied me on this crowd favorite. I have been performing this song live for literally years now after digging in the crates for the original version. Performing on keyboard, piano and B3 on stages across the globe has helped me refine Big Mama’s song to fit my style. 

“Our nation is in need of some strong, kick-ass female energy, no question about it. We are not getting enough of that in the political realm, but in the musical world, Eliza Neals is making sure we are well supplied. The songs on her new album, Black Crow Moan, are filled with attitude, power, and a heavy dose of the blues.”

Black Crow Moan‘ I hope your listening, and you get my message cause I telling you something here and now. Thank you Michael for your kind words and observant ears your writing shows it.