04 January 2016

MusicMonday Eliza Neals “Breaking and Entering” #6 on Roots Music Report 2015 Yearly Blues-Rock Album Chart!


“Breaking and Entering” defied all laws of independent music. Debut at #2 and stayed in the Top 10 for 11 months straight!

I would like to thank all the musicians that performed and help craft my Detroit BluesRock album check them all out here! Most would not believe that I produced, wrote, arranged partially mixed and worked to create “Breaking and Entering.” Thank you Detroit for the DMA for “Outstanding Blues Songwriter” 2015!

Big thanks to Oz for his photography, artwork, layout and dedication to creating ART with no excuses! Thank you DJ’s for recognizing talent by playing my album around the world! “Breaking and Entering” is the only album from Detroit to make this list! 2016 will be amazing so lets go!