26 March 2018

The NEW Hat City in Orange NJ, Thank You for Having US!

The New HAT CITY is a HIT! Thank you guys for having us in your New Cool Lounge Music Venue with great Food. We gave em our Blues-Rock and everyone had a music loving night!

Sometimes all you need to get a great night of music started is just that at Voice! Boy did I lay it on em inside Hat City on Saturday Night! Thank you to Howard Glazer on Guitar, Demarcus Sumter laying down the drums and guest harmonica player Sal Carolei on Harmonica!

Super to get ‘actual ink” in the STAR LEDGER the weekend of our show inside HAT CITY just a blast with the photo from JOHN BULL from my London Tour. Here’s what it says “Worldwide Sensation ‘#ElizaNealsandtheNarcotics‘ bringing the #blues to #JerseyCity#ElizaNeals may not be a household name in Jersey City, but this seasoned blues artist enjoys a worldwide reputation bolstered by an impressive history of festival appearances, radio play, and chart success for her self-released (E-H Records LLC) albums and singles.
Neals had a fantastic 2017 as one of the most popular #independent blues artists on the planet, with accolades and chart-topping tracks in sources like ‘#GetReadyToRock (UK),’ The #RootsMusicReport, and @ameribluesscene (to name a few.) The blues may no longer be part of the American mainstream, but it’s still hugely popular overseas and to passionate hardcore aficionados.
Now local fans will have a chance to discover Neals when she performs two sets at FM, Downtown Jersey City’s newest venue, on Friday, March 23. The next night she’ll be at @hatcitynj in #Orange and on April 26, she’ll be back in Jersey City at the @foxandcrowjc … “I’ve been writing with #BarrettStrong since right out of college,” Neals said. “We have many songs written together, I’ve learned so much working with him, he’s really been my mentor. I learned how he produced vocals for #MarvinGaye, I learned how he produced vocals for #GladysKnight. I was in that school.” Neals released her first album “Breaking and Entering” three years ago and it debuted at No.2 on the worldwide blues charts. “It was an #Amazon bestseller in the blues for months,” she said. “So that was pretty cool… Neals’ most recent single, “#AnotherLifetime,” made it to No. 6 on #BBKing‘s #Bluesville Rack-O-Blues @siriusxm radio show… The #reviews she’s received would make any pop star jealous “Accomplished the near impossible” @ameribluesscene “Simply breathtaking” @bluesmattersmagazine … Neals’ success seems even more impressive when factoring in that she doesn’t have a #recordlabel or management company behind her”