27 May 2024

Philly Cheeze’s demands to be Heard “Colorcrimes” review

🇺🇸#MemorialDay #MusicMonday music review from PhillyCheeze the first to drop it on “#Colorcrimes🎤” … “Detroit blues-rocker #ElizaNeals is an artist who has secured a spot among my favorites. She pours an abundant amount of talent and creativity into her performances and songwriting, cultivating lasting, memorable songs. Her latest album Colorcrimes has swept me off my feet with its nine all-original tracks. With Neals on lead vocals and piano, Michael Puwal returns as lead guitarist for the brunt of the album.” Read it all here…

Thank you Phillip It’s always a pleasure to read your reviews as a honest #musicjournalist and live music concert critic. Hopefully you’ll catch me live somewhere soon. 💙