02 October 2019
Macalle Blues Review

“Sweet or Mean” rapidly explosive Macalle italy Review

“What happens is that the energies of each of these forces, as passed through mathematical functions that they carry out the sum, the product, exponentiation, are brought to the rapid explosion.”

All I can say is the super energy you hear for sure was in the studio. We gave it our all for sure. We had a good director Popa Chubby pushing us to dig into the lyrics of my original songs and find that thing, that special feeling. I wrote them with passion, sang some of em live before even recording and the rest is history.

“What can happen when two primitive forces, two fires – that is not to say sacred, but fires yes! – like that of Eliza Neals, single incarnation of the triune author of talent, singer and pianist and Popa Chubby, born Ted Horowitz, a prolific author, energetic and admirable manufacturer guitarist, meet by the way?”

Sometimes when friends get together things happen that may have never. “Sweet or Mean” pulls from all corners this electrified music inside every player. Thank You Macalle Blues you feel it like we did! Check out the review click their name above.