02 August 2007

Thank You Knitting Factory

WE had a Rocking good time playing the OLD OFFICE SPACE at the
KNITTING FACTORY! Nice Turnout and good to see all of my friends! Thanks for the Good time and one hell of a SHOW!! Thank you to John my new bassist from the “Undisputed Heavyweights” Liz Collins my new Backup Singer yea!!!, Justin Pacey my Drummer from “Vegas Temper” fame (gotta see), Jimi Durso the Guitarist of “livin wit yo mama” live athe the Rockwood, and Chris Mick of the “black hat trio” all the way from Detroit Michigan. Love you guys and see you soon!!
Here is a link to a unsupported Event listing:
Bluesy rocker Eliza Neals brings her innovative sounds to the Knitting Factory on July 31st. Her vocals sound as though Janis Joplin and Alicia Keys have been morphed into one even more more brilliant musician. She’ll be rocking out songs from her new album titled “No frogs For Snakes” which, from what I’ve heard, is groundbreaking!