22 February 2009

Thank You to The Four Tops! The Bitter End NYC! Womens Radio

Thank you to “The Four Tops” for requesting my opening performance at their first appearance after receiving their lifetime Grammy award at the Whiting Auditorium Cultural Center in Michigan. It was a thrill being able to open for this legendary group, one of the foundations of Motown . Thanks to my Cousin Chris Mick who held it down on guitar. Thank you also goes to Kenny Robinson and Chris Kertcher on Horns with the 4tops. Big thanks to Dukes Sr and Logic plus the great Drummer and Bass player who jumped in and made it happen!
Thank you “The Bitter End” it was a Smokin Hot show! We tore em a new one last night! Thank you to New Fans, Old Friends and Family! Thank you to my musicians the RocknSoul Band; Rick Nossa on guitar, Dan Sanchez on drums, John Price on Bass, Red Wierenga on keys and Liz Williams on backing vocals. Sal on Harmonica adding Soul thank you also. We had a packed house again and it was fun to play new music and get great feedback from New York City! Thank you to Womans Radio on Live 365 for adding “Leaving Detroit” to the rotation. That makes it a bunch of new stations that have added me to their regular play list! Thank you for the continued support of independent music! I will keep on making em if y’all keep on playing em!Thank you to who ever it was that mentioned me in the “Sex it Up – Pop it In” article in last weeks Metro Times! If playing my album puts more “float in your boat” or “rocking in your stocking” or “lift in your sails” or “motion in the ocean” I am glad you are “feeling” my sound and if its grooving you thats a good thing!