05 October 2008

Tim Gunn + Woman of Substance

Ok so I have been talking about BRAVO TV! for a while its time to let you know I am apperaing on “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” on November 6th at 10pm. I can’t talk to much about it but it was a blast. Tim and Gretta they put me through some changes and I got to have a great time plus a few surprises so be sure to watch!

LIVE 365 radio just click the photo above. To hear “woman who Rock” selections for this month! Its nice to be recognized so lets support the people who work hard to find and play great independent music!

1 Response

  1. eliza – um… I didn’t know that anyone but girlfriends read my blog? If it doesn’t sound too f-ed up – I am sort of fascinated that it made it to you? If it makes any difference, I think you have a beautiful voice and hope that the show has helped your career! And am BEYOND jealous that you hung out with Tim Gunn for all that time. Take Care. -C