03 April 2017

Two JJ Blues trance vocals review “10,000 Feet Below”

“The coming of Detroit Eliza Neals is called the next-generation blues artist. This vocalist of the vocalist is a winner of several Detroit Music Awards. At its very best is her sixth album titled ” “10,000 Feet Below.” On the album did not get guests, among whom are, among others, guitarist Paul Nelson.The album opens acoustically and one of the most blues on the album is “Cleotus.” It is characterized by trance vocals, hitting feet to the floor and rhythmic clapping. The only instrument that is heard in this recording is the rexfonic slide guitar. Another on the “Another Lifetime” album is a beautiful ballad that extends the overwhelming singing of Eliza and a beautiful and deep solo on the guitare. Eliza and beautiful and deep guitar solo. There are also typical twelve-tone pulsations. They are: “You ain’t my dog ​​no More” and “Call Me Moonshine.” This second track, unlike classic blues, is characterized by the fact that the guitar solo was played using the wah-wah effect, which makes the song a bit more experimental, another song that can be associated with bluesy exegesis is Merle Dixon, psychedelic Muddy Waters “Electric Mud”

Eliza is also great in rock style, so songs could not be missed here. Such recordings certainly belong. Including “10,000 Feet Below” and “Burn the Tent Down.” Dia me the most beautiful and the most distinctive song on the album is the beautiful ballad “Cold Cold Night” with guest Paul Nelson, who decorated with the unique sound of acoustic guitar.

This record is a piece of good solid blues-rock music”

Thank You Two JJ Blues thrilled with the Translation!