18 August 2018

Wonderful Night at CHAN’s in Woonsocket!

Woonsocket, Rhode Island a unique little town that is the home to Chan’s a super Chinese restaurant that literally is an institution, being open since 1905. A outrageous list of Hall of Fame musicians have played here, what a thrill!

Click here for VIDEO!

To start things off, Chan’s served us some of the best Chinese food I have ever had outside of New York or San Fransisco. Chan’s has it’s own special feel in their food and it translates directly into the taste buds. If your in the area or even not in the area, make a plan buy some tickets and go EAT at Chan’s and enjoy the show.

We started off with some sweet slow blues numbers that are original then transitioned into one of my favorite originals “Livin with Yo Mama” thats been a staple of mine for years. The sound inside Chan’s is what a audiophile can only dream of for a live room. Obviously there has been a whole bunch of years to “get it right” so yes Chan’s got it RIGHT! Pin-Drop to the LOUDEST sound a band can make is well under control on their stage in a world class environment.

Oh Yea we partied hard and blues-rocked em good plus broke out a few new songs. My latest album “10,000 Feet Below” sold well along with a few t-shirts and I got to meet some of my many fans in the Northeast. I was honored to meet Mr. John Chan (pictured above) in his establishment. John gave me a tour of his cool place with historic paintings on the wall many of them done by John himself. I also signed his artist sketch book with a doodle and more. I was surprised to say the least to be included in such a memorable way. I hope to see you guys in Woonsocket one day soon cause I will be sitting here with my stomach grumbling and my microphone HOT to Return! Thank You Chan’s crew you guys are wonderful.