23 August 2016

“You Ain’t My Dog No More” driving new review by SOUNDGARDIAN

“You Ain’t My Dog No More” driving new review by SOUNDGARDIAN ….

“It’s not very often that here I promote a single, but this year’s single “You Ain’t  My Dog No More“, certainly is an exception even among this year’s consideration for large releases. About meanwhile to work? Eliza Neals aka ‘Detroit Diva’, which the band has three albums just this single, announces its fourth studio album, which will honor us in 2017.

The single “You Ain’t My Dog No More” I play more and more in my conditioning, because I just won his own power, directness and solid definiteness to the best moments that we can provide extremely inspired rock ‘n’ blues. After repeated listening only wonder what will happen this upcoming album … I believe many breathtaking. Perhaps some of the listeners say this is too hard, this is too ‘hard’ for our taste, personally, can not agree with that. For the simple reason that every note presented and phenomenal Eliza Neals born extraordinary feeling and atmosphere, on which so ‘damn good’ agrees  playing backup band led by Detroit great blues guitarist Howard Glazer.
This combination has given such a fusion that we have not heard, and therefore very closely in recent weeks and I listen more and more wonder and become satisfied with this single. The Eliza Neals it combines many components that adorn blues built for the 21st century. It is therefore not surprising that in the very same time she nailed a number of awards, with Eliza Neals and the Narcotics! Indeed crush everything in their sight and who can blame them when in the work we hear the best elements of the music of great musicians such as Etta James, as well as singer Amy Winehouse, Adele and Ricki Lee Jones among others.

RECOMMENDATION: Are you ready? You do not have any barriers? Are you breaking the traditional understanding of and aversion to modern approaches to this genre, it’s hard to hunt ends of the singles “You Ain’t My Dog No More” unique Detroit blues diva Eliza Neals .. But if you subordinate the opposite view and understanding before you will be open up a completely new and different world in which  bluish tones literally devour all who heard Eliza and her band. Emotion, power and dynamics that throw you on your feet literally breaking everything in sight. Be careful!!!”
Cool cool review check it out here: http://www.soundguardian.com/eliza-neals-you-ain-t-my-dog-no-more