15 January 2018

17th FERNDALE BLUES FESTIVAL 2018 – FEB 2nd 8pm OTUS Supply


17th Annual Ferndale Blues & Music Festival

FEBRUARY 2nd 8pm

ELIZA NEALS and the Narcotics!

OTUS SUPPLY is 345 E 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI

In my fourth year performing at the Ferndale Blues Festival we have crossed some milestones. The first major milestone for myself is our glorious leader Craig Covey who was also the mayor of Ferndale for a time has moved on to Ohio as his life continues. I personally would like to thank Craig for his many years of dedication to Ferndale and all the glorious nights of blues and music performances he witnessed and helped create for musicians and clubs downtown. Check out the farewell article here.

A little bit more about the Festival…

“The Ferndale Blues Festival is an annual community-driven event, highlighting local artists, musicians, and businesses. All of the proceeds go to Ferndale Youth Assistance – a nonprofit that provides Ferndale students and families with counseling, scholarships for summer camps, skill building workshops, and college, as well as supplying tutors for Ferndale schools and emergency funds for families in need.”

$20,000 Dollars raised Last Year according to the DailyTribune!

Metrotimes the leading weekly newspaper in Metro Detroit has published our ART poster for their latest issue take a look and grab one for yourself…