26 June 2020

Bluebird Reviews fascinating “Black Crow Moan” review

“The album’s title-track is one of the most fascinating songs off Neals’ new record. Accompanied by Joe Louis Walker on guitar and vocals, Black Crow Moan blends beautifully Blues and Soul and it allows Neals’ vocals to flow effortlessly into different ranges, by lowering down and elevating the intensity of her vocal delivery, throughout the whole tune, with a mesmerizing agility.”

Black Crow Moan was a song written over many years of trying out versions on live audiences.

“Run Sugar Run” has got it all, as a song; irresistible melody, greatly crafted lyrics, anthemic bridges and choruses and Eliza Neals’ unmistakable, thunderous, vocal delivery. All musical ingredients that will certainly make, of this song, a very palatable radio-friendly tune and a further great platform for an unstoppable artist like the singer/songwriter.”

Wow thank you Gio you know my music and I hope to see you in the UK! Have a read of the whole Bluebird review