09 July 2022
Blues Alive 76 inspired Badder to the Bone Review

Blues Alive 76 inspired ‘Badder to the Bone’ French Review

Wonderful Blues Magazine out of FRANCE Blues Alive 76

“In the Blues-Rock register, The Chanteuse from Detroit is one of my favorite artists.Her constant productions are always high quality and this one is no exception and always accompanied by exceptional musicians. Eliza gives all her voice with Brio and feeling. The guitars are not lost in the music but live with inspired solos, and we feel while listening that everyone had a blast during the recording. The music is the winner.I have a weakness for the slow blues “Queen of the Nile” and the solos inspired by Lance Lopez and Peter Keys. This title is also available to us at the end of the album, in a shorter version. Among the 10 tracks is the one by Stevie Winwood’s Blind Faith the superb “Can’t Find My Way Home,”  which proves to us that Eliza also has good taste. If all the Blues-Rock albums I receive could be so inspired!
Beautiful to hear from my friends in France and super to get a glowing review of “Badder to the Bone” OUI!