28 June 2022
Josie Music Award Nomination for Artist Of The Year 2022 in Blues Eliza Neals

Josie Music Award Nomination “Artist Of The Year 2022” in Blues for Eliza Neals

Thank you for the 2022 nomination in the Josie Music Awards for “Artist Of The Year” in the Jazz/Blues category. I was not aware of this award so thank you music lovers for letting me know and for the nomination. Here’s more info:

“The Josie Music Awards is the largest, all-genre, privately-owned award show globally.  This team set out and successfully created an award show where winners are selected on their talent, skill, material, professionalism, and more and NOT by button pressing voting.  Nominee suggestions go through a lengthy review process by a team of industry leaders and the official nomination list is created from their final decisions.  Winners are also selected by this industry leader deciding panel.

The Josie Music Awards is an all genre music award show ceremony which includes a lavish red carpet and many performances.  Since its inaugural celebration in 2015, the Josie Music Awards was, is, and remains the largest independent artist award show globally.”

Thank you again for recognizing my hard work as an independent artist, musician, songwriter, arranger and publisher!