20 July 2015

BLUES MATTERS – “Breaking and Entering” UK Magazine Review

“Detroit has, over the years, produced some extremely fine music and musicians, and it’s fair to say that the trend continues in the form of Eliza Neals, singer, songwriter, keyboard player and producer. On “Breaking and Entering”, she is ably backed by a number of musicians, including a trio of guitarists, one of whom, Kenny Olson, is (was) Kid Rock’s guitarist. Opening with “Detroit Drive”, one is immediately hit by the slide guitar played on Dobro by Howard Glazer. This country Blues stomp consists of drums, Dobro and vocals, but stands out because of Neals rasping voice into which she injects a great deal of feeling and soulfulness. Think Janis and Neals is not far away, a voice which demands attention. The songs here, either written or co-written by Neals, tend towards the Blues Rock vein, with some tasty guitar soloing throughout. At times however she does veer towards radio friendly pop-rock as in Pretty Gritty, a song with boogie style piano and heavily distorted guitar, behind very pop oriented vocals. “Jekyll And A Hound” is another of those easy to listen to radio friendly songs, but that doesn’t detract from the quality of musical backing to the song, which is extremely high. “Goo Goo Glass” has a very funky opening with heavy guitar riffing that wouldn’t sound out of place on a ZZ Top album, and rocks with attitude throughout. Slowing things down with the heavily poignant You, Olson plays some strong aggressive guitar both behind the vocals and during his solo. A very moody but fitting piece of music. Neals tips her hat towards Country in “Southern Comfort Dreams”, another song featuring Olson. My personal favourite here is the title track, “Breaking and Entering”, a real Bluesy swagger on which her vocals are surely suited. Glazer’s guitar playing is truly down home dirty Blues playing and the whole song is a glorious modern-day interpretation of hot Chicago Blues. Suitably, the album closes with a radio edit version of the song, a great way to end this excellent release.”

Thank You BLUES MATTERS! Always great to get a Trans-Atlantic “over the pond” recognition of ones work! We are looking forward to playing Europe and Britian will be our First Stop!