01 August 2015

“Breaking and Entering” into Italy ‘il popolo del Blues’

“With a voice of great power (and) has won numerous awards in her Detroit. Eliza Neals, who becomes solo accompanied by her band the Narcotics, in the wake of this success she released her new album hosting even prominent figures like the countryman Howard Glazer, a member of the Detroit blues and specialist on dobro guitar and co-producer Mike Puwal and Kenny Olson (Kid Rock), himself on guitar. Eliza’s style is energetic rock blues behind superbly constructed songs crafted on piano and keyboards. Detroit Dreams, Goo Goo Glass, Pretty Gritty, Southern Comfort, Sugar Daddy are good examples. A repertoire that live in our opinion can give their best.” TRANSLATED

Thrilled to continue to get such great reviews from overseas. ilpopolodelblues thank you for your wonderful words xox!