31 July 2017

‘Blues-n-Co Magazine’ class A voice glorious blues-rock “10,000 Feet Below”

“10,000 Feet Below” is already well-placed in blues charts in the United States, Europe and beyond, with its eleven tracks, the album is a beautiful piece of glorious blues-rock, with the class A voice of Neals it roars, never missing a Beat or note, even as it reaches dizzy heights. Supported by no less than sixteen (according to my account) renowned sidemen with Howard Glazer, a very comfortable man on a resonator guitar.
Neals adds not only vocals burning and abrasive but lays her hands with a finesse and energy on her piano or on a B3 when necessary. Ten of the tracks are original compositions, to which is added, with a more traditional sound, the “Hard Killing Floor” of Skip James, delivered in a way much more explosive than usual. It’s a great rocking album full of wonderful guitar riffs, licks and variations.
Neals seems to have a hit with this album, a leaping, powerful, raucous and eminent music that will certainly propel it into the spotlight of modern rock-blues. A well deserved concentration this album is absolutely to discover. A true delight.

BLUES and Co. 

What a super review thank you Blues-n-Co France!