02 August 2017

‘Crossroads Blues Society’ Allstar BluesRock “10,000 Feet Below” review

Wonderful quotes from ‘Crossroads Blues Society’ in Illinois! Blues-Rock album “10,000 Feet Below” hit em with a ton of All Star Bricks!…

“Don’t be fooled by this cover. The blond powerhouse emerging from the sewer in the photo is no wallflower. Eliza Neals is an electrifying vocalist, and she’s gathered an all-star lineup to deliver 10,000 Feet Below, an in-your-face collection of blues-rock that’s powerful enough to knock you off your feet if you’re not careful.

A multi-instrumentalist who concentrates on keyboards on this one, Neals is based out of Detroit and tours the world with her band, The Narcotics, which features another Motor City blues-rock giant, Howard Glazer, on guitar. They’re joined here by Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame guitarist Billy Davis (Jimi Hendrix Band) and Grammy-winning stringbender Paul Nelson (Johnny Winter).

The rhythm section includes Skeeto Valdez (Johnnie Bassett and Trey Anastasio), Demarcus Sumter, Bruan Clune, Rubin Nizri and John Medeiros on drums, and Paul Randolph, Lenny Bradford (Joe Louis Walker and Murali Coryell), Mike Griot and John Abraham, who take turns on bass. Neals contributes piano, Hammond B-3 and Rhodes keyboards and aiding the rhythm on tambourine.”
Thanks Crossroads blues thank you for the love of music made the hard way! 

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