13 May 2022
Bluesdoodles prodigious talent Badder to the Bone review

Bluesdoodles prodigious talent “Badder to the Bone” review

“This is a wonderful blues wrapped in rock album with a vocalist of prodigious talent alongside a star-studded cast of musicians… Lance Lopez introduces the slower, sultry and soulful blues of Queen of the Nile, which also provides the album title in the lyrics. Powerful vocals, Hammond washes, delicious guitar behind the verses and a superb solo…what’s not to love? It lasts for seven minutes and is over in the blink of an eye: the mark of a great song.”

BLUESDOODLES out of the UK has reviewed ‘Breaking and Entering‘ and that was way back in 2016. It’s great to get a return review from Liz and her colleagues writing what they hear and heart contends. It is not easy to create everyday then to release it for criticism from the world.

“Fueling Me Up’ is a slow slinky blues with delectable slide throughout and a superb solo. It also has one of Eliza’s best vocals…a driving song of sorts but the motor-related innuendo suggests otherwise…a great song though and, now you know about the suggestiveness, you’ll listen even more closely and be justly rewarded.”

One of my favs from the album, actually was written almost three years ago by my lyricist co-writer and introduced to me and my co-producer for a single. The song ‘Fueling’ evolved along the way as I attempted to clean up the lyrics, clean up the imagery and connect it more to my fans.

Go right out and read this new review over on BluesDoodles, let em know I sent them and say thanks.