11 May 2022
Rock Doctor impossible

Rock Doctor impossible “Badder to the Bone” review

“I’ve already heard plenty of great blues in 2022 but this new Eliza Neals record is going to be very hard to beat- maybe even impossible…” RRR Record Stops What did you just say ROCK DOCTOR

OK Wow wait a second. First off Thank You but hold on let me keep reading…

“When people talk about the blues Chicago and Memphis are mentioned, but Detroit belongs in that conversation too.  That’s where Eliza Neals hails from, and Badder To The Bone is all kinds of wicked blues and gospel horsepower with enough voltage to help the blind see and the crippled walk.”

I have seen the power of tight jeans in Detroit so yea maybe you have something here…

“There’s lots of high octane rockin’ stuff here, but it’d not all redlining material.  Consider the 1-2 punch of the opening cuts United We Stand and Queen Of The Nite, Bo Diddley-style rock/ blues number followed by a slow, orgasmic blues… a good way to let us know we’re in for a hell of a ride.”

My my well if orgasmic it is then I’m rocking you to sleep after we do it lol.

“The album was produced by Neals so she knew exactly what she was after and dammit, she NAILED it… The Hammond B3 heard throughout is just the right blues spice, there’s some nimble bass work, and drums that key off of the vocals. The sound has the girth and depth of a great live recording; more albums, particularly blues records, should have this kind of sonic heft.”

What a beautiful review like the glow off your skin after such a frisky time. I need a cigarette after this super sexy review of BADDER TO THE BONE.