05 April 2017

BMans Blues Report steamy blues review “10,000 Feet Below” 

” On “Another Lifetime,” Glazer lays down a real nice guitar intro for a steamy blues ballad. Neals’ vocals are strong and Glazer’s guitar work is tight, backed by Skeeto Valdez on drums, Paul Randolph on bass solid keyboard work by Neals. On rocker, “Burn The Tent Down,” Glazer’s guitar work is raspy and overdriven, nicely complimenting Neals vocals. On boogie style track, “You Ain’t My Dog No More,” Brian Clune leads the way on drums with John Abraham on bass and with hot slide riffs by Glazer, delivers a hot number with a Thorogood flavor. Very cool. A solid pop entry, “Cold Cold Night” features Paul Nelson on guitar and nicely blended vocals not unlike Buckingham Nicks…”

Thank You BMAN Blues Report READ MORE Here, it’s great to get a review from BMan a guy that’s heard my whole BluesRock catalog!