23 July 2018

Eliza Neals opening for Legend Walter Trout at the Highline Ballroom NYC!

Walter Trout the legendary guitarist for John Mayall, Percy Mason, Deacon Jones, John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat has asked Eliza Neals the Detroit born Blues-Rock star to open up for him in New York City at the Highline ballroom!


After a few Surprise Guest appearances on stage with Walter singning Eliza’s “Another Lifetime” the guitar legend confirmed ok you can open up at BBKINGS NYC!But BBKINGS CLOSED and the SHOW WAS MOVED TO HIGHLINE BALLROOM NYC!

So SWEET to Keep Going finding a new venue I’m thrilled to play with Walter we both shared the top-of-the-charts in 2015, me for “Breaking And Entering” him for “Battle Scars” … 2017 I released “10,000 Feet Below” and he released “We’re all in this together” and both albums rode the blues-rock radio charts!

I always know the sound of Walter’s guitar and I believe he knows the sound of my voice as we both listen to Sirius XM where our music gets rotation. So come out hear the newest sounds and fall in love with music again!

Click above for Video from Wildwood Amphitheater What a Blast!