03 August 2016

Eliza Neals “You Ain’t My Dog No More” DEBUT’s at TOP of The RADIO CHARTS

WOW all I can say is WOW!

NUMBER TEN on the BLUES Charts!

you-aint-my-dog-no-more-debut-number-ten-blues-radio-charts-eliza-nealsNUMBER THREE on the BLUES ROCK Charts!

you-aint-my-dog-no-more-debut-number-three-blues-rock-radio-charts-eliza-nealsNUMBER ONE in NEW YORK STATE!

you-aint-my-dog-no-more-debut-number-one-new-york-state-radio-charts-eliza-neals“YOU AINT MY DOG NO MORE”

bow wow wow what can I say were creating the best of the best music and no it’s not a fluke it’s the real deal have a listen for yourself!