01 August 2016

“Blues Matters” AUG/SEPT 2016 Super Review of “Breaking and Entering”

So AUGUST is here and the latest review of “Blues Matters” from England has given my bluesrock album “Breaking And Entering” a killer review written previously by Liz Aiken of “Blues Doodles.”

“The title track has howling vocals as she spits and growls out the vocals this is stylish blues from a woman who knows what she wants to deliver Blues-rock that is full of swampy heat and urban street fighting attitude. The radio edit trimmed down still packs a punch and should be heard loud and often from the radio airwaves. Three tracks in and her vocals rasp and curl around guitar and vocals as Dr Jekyll meets the Hound of The Baskervilles. Add to the dual talents of songwriting and delivering vocals that you have to listen to add adroit finger dancing over the ivories on a number of tracks on Piano and B3 Organ…” 

Check Out “Blues Matters” even though #AForceOfNature is on the cover #BreakingAndEntering is the album that gets the ink! Nuff Said!