24 February 2017

Michael Doherty’s so delicious review of “10000 Feet Below”

“Just look at her on the cover, ready to descend to the depths and do battle with whatever creatures might dwell down there. Or is she emerging unscathed and clean, having already defeated the monsters with her voice alone? Leave that up to you to decide. I’m just digging the new CD, 10,000 Feet Below,”

YES Michael being from Detroit you never know where we will POP UP! This review is right on here’s a bit more!

Well, hell, Eliza defeated the devil. Surely she can take on that prick and his regime. And in the next song, “Merle Dixon,” she sings, “I don’t like what you’re saying/Shut your mouth.” It’s difficult these days to separate our dire political situation from… well, from anything. And hearing these lines…”

What did he say? OK go HERE: MICHAEL DORERTY’s MusicBlog NICE and THANK YOU