25 February 2017

Historias del Blues deepest feeling review of “10000 Feet Below”

“10000 Feet Below”, ten thousand feet down, new album of Eliza Neals, can be considered as an examination in depth of the blues. Neals becomes a guide by hidden spaces of this music without fear. By that each song has a sound particular, performed with voice supernatural and a piano that makes echo with each note that emanates from the guitar. Throughout the album, the singer takes care of down to the deepest feelings to resurface with the excitement of her soul, accompanied by important musicians like the guitarist Paul Nelson and Billy Davis with Howard Glazer; the drummers Skeeto Valdez, Demarcos Santer, Brian Clune and John Medeiros; the bearish Paul Randolph, Johnny Abraham or Lenny Bradford. Eliza Neals shows maturity by delivering seamless music, with lyrics written with much skill, by opening a new entrance to the world of the blues.

Historias del Blues Yes!!