07 February 2017

‘Munich Talk’ a remarkable present review of “10,000 Feet Below” 

Wow cool review from Germany! MUNICH TALK Here’s the first primitive translation if only I could learn some German 🙂  When we tour I will for sure know some by then. 

“Great blues and soul musician’s are also artists such as the blues rock Detroit Blues award winning several times just come not from Detroit musician Eliza neals.

Eliza ran me when she 2015 presented her album, breaking and entering, which at the time was reviewed in Germany by a <Joe>and celebrated the first time on the way.

It was time to present a successor now feet below can be purchased with 10,000 from 17 this month – on Eliza’s homepage, the CD is already available for $20.00.

For this to get an album on which well-known also in Europe guitarist Howard Glazer is to hear. Glazer became known mainly through collaboration with Detroit’s excellent Harpspieler Harmonica Shah with which he has recorded several CDs.

The CD cover is to remove that Glazer also plays on this CD as one of 3 referred to guitarist at all ten songs. Sake of completeness should be noted, that the second guitarist (1 song) Paul Nelson belonged to Johnny winter band and 2015 a Grammy award was the third guitarist Billy Davis (1 song), has already played for Jimi Hendrix. Similar to the more Line-Up is described, 2 drummer plus 1 technicians 4 bass players including Lenny Bradford (Joe Louis Walker) and still seem to be 4 Studio technicians.

After all, we learn that Eliza neals worked as a producer and singer, playing piano, Hammond B3, the Fender Rhodes and the tambourine.

As a tip off the title song is called 10,000 feet below. Eliza neals dominates the music with her love to the vibrato – this gives the sound a continuous note.

The kick-off song builds a bridge to the cover photo. Eliza enters the pose of a Greek goddess in the white dress with a Gullischacht at street level in the depths of Detroit Orcus down – the dress would probably have significant traces of the trip after the re-emergence. In a victory pose she’s holding something in her hand that I would probably classify as torches.

However, Eliza Neals succeeded within quite a short time a remarkable present blues rock album, which truly must not hide behind “breaking and entering.” Eliza’s fans will buy off enthusiastically 10,000 feet below at the concerts wow!”