13 February 2017

Professor Johnny P’s Juke Joint – enormously talented review of “10000 Feet Below”

“… Eliza Neals is her own woman and not a copy of anyone else. Her latest album, ‘10,000 Feet Below’ is a strong work with some solid hard driving, almost blue collar blues-rock sounds, but then curiously enough, she switches things up and delivers softer, poetic songs with gorgeous lyrics.

It’s easy to see that this is a terrific album that pushes the barriers of the blues… However, if you like your blues with a real rock attitude, this will quickly become one of your favorites.

Neals and Glazer make a powerful combination, but don’t discount her keyboard skills and her chameleon like ability to change her vocal styles to fit the mood of the song. I find her to be refreshing and exciting”

There’s so much more to “Professor Johhny’s” review he breaks down each song to his favorites so here’s a big thanks and more from Eliza Neals! Check out Professor Johnny’s Review!