28 May 2016

UNITED KINGDOM #UK2016Tour THANK YOU for a GREAT Blues-Rock Trip!

Well it’s been years since my last trip with my Wayne State Choir through the UK and Europe and so many of those memories came rushing back as I traveled this time under my own power and name to the UNITED KINGDOM on my Here is where you going to see many photos of everything and anything that happened along the way starting somewhere in NYC and Back! More Videos and Photos of performances coming!

Starting in “Creepy Crawley” lol we heard that from some locals before we left for  ‘Dublin Castle’


Here in Camden Town hanging with our drummer Felipe in his studio acting UP!

Camden Town with Amy Winehouse I was pretty serious. Read what I had to say by clicking the photo below 


eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics-howard-glazer-dublin-castle-uk2016tourTHANK YOU DUBLIN CASTLE WE HAD A GREAT TIME AND THE AUDIENCE WAS SO COOL GREAT TO MAKE NEW FANS and Friends!

LIVERPOOL was something to see! We arrived with the Sun still following us and the fog lifted. Such an amazing city with Beatles history, old buildings, and the wildest nightlife I have seen in a long time!


eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics-zanzibar-liverpoolWhen you kick major but with a two piece band in a rock club you know its FIRE! bbc-howard-glazer-eliza-neals-liverpoolOk BBC yep lol

eliza-neals-howard-glazer-and-the-narcotics-liverpool-uk2016tourLIVERPOOL Was glorious! I have more photos but the last one is for the winning “football” team that had 300 to 1 odds of winning (sounds familiar lol)

Leicester Football-Barclays Premier- League-ChampionsLeicester Football Club is Barclays Premier League Champions congrats from a pub in Liverpool!

OFF to EDINBURGH SCOTLAND and wow I know where Sting got his title “Fields of Gold” as it was a beautiful day for a drive thru the United Kingdom. uk2016tour-fields-of-gold-eliza-nealsedinburgh-scotland-eliza-nealsOnly to arrive in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to is Edinburgh Scotland! xxx

  The Voodoo Rooms where we weaved a nice spell thank you new fans!

eliza-neals-voodoo-rooms-edinburg-scotlandInside the VooDoo Rooms Unreal! What a Memorable Trip! We will be back XXO


eliza-neals-boom-boom-club-uk-londonJoining the Narcotics is Howard Glazer on Guitar and Felipe Drago on Drums!

THE REVIEW by NIGEL FOSTER is HERE (its a must read)

IMG_3578.JPGSuch a great ‘Monday’ night with a cool opening by “the Sharpies” (next to Howard) and the super music promoter and selector Pete Feenstra. Check out his review here !


Manchester EAGLE INN!

-1 eliza-neals-and-the-narcotics-eagle-inn-manchester-uk2016tourThank you Gorilla Riot for opening up for us you guys sounded great! Giving you guys some new songs that are unlike any other!

We did not get many photos of Manchester but I dug the environment I could tell it’s on the verge of cool and hopefully it does not change before I return! Check out the Cheers Here on Instagram!


wales-bridge-uk2016tour-eliza-nealsWe drove into Wales with Rain but within 24 hours the SUN came OUT!

I was interviewed on CARDIFF 1 Radio this was a thrill check out Selector Jeremy Rees here!