10 October 2010

Thank You “Sean Blackman’s In Transit”

Opening on the balcony to a sold out house at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall…

What a thrill!
Singing in Armenian “Yerazner” with the Amazing Sean Blackman
Singing while “Xiomara” Belly-dances to the delight of the audience!

James Wailin sings “Siren Song” passionately
“Meta” and the international “In Transit” troupe perform!
Sean’s solo brings down the house!
More Surprises!
The Rhythm Section!
Senegalese Dancers WOW!“Vanessa” and the Brazilian Carnival!
Finale everyone on Stage!
The Fantastic Audience in Detroit!
Sean Blackman taking a Bow!Thank you Sean Blackman for an electric night, what a party! Thank you my fellow musicians, crew, directors and artisans that bring dreams to life! Thank you fans friends family you are the life blood of creation your support means so much to us!
Dream Bigger and we will go together to explore your dream!
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