06 March 2017

ZicaZine new idols review of “10,000 Feet Below”

“A new gem of Detroit, the city where she’s from and where she has been awarded numerous Awards, but further still, is on the United States that Eliza surveyed regularly shows her many talents not only to the pianos, organs and keyboards, but also on vocals, an area where her power and in particular grain often think Beth Hart or Janis Joplin. Accompanied by the cream of the local scene, the diva also comfortable in the blues that rock has appealed to guitarists such as Howard Glazer who officiates on nine of the eleven tracks of opus, but also as Paul Nelson and Billy Davis, respectively sidemen of late Johnny Winter for the first and Jimi Hendrix for the second , the meeting of these various artificers of first order bringing to “10,000 Feet Below” a certain solidity. 

With its 10 original pieces that we simply adds the re-reading of the ‘Hard Killing Floor’ of Skip James, this new effort to Eliza surveyed we train on a very personal territory the blueswoman dreads with a real imagination, modulating each of her notes to songs like “Cleotus”, “Burn The Tent Down”, “You Ain’t My Dog No More” and “Downhill On A Rocket” real unique pieces of their kind securities that we enjoy from the first to the last note. 

Finally, it should be noted the presence of the three featurings Paul Nelson on ‘Cold Cold Night’, Howard Glazer on “Call Me Moonshine” and Billy Davis on “At The Crossroads” ending to “10,000 Feet Below” all its letters of nobility and salute it as should be the very good album of an artist who made her hole in Europe with already noticed on the side of the United Kingdom passes quietly. A helping hand of fate without a doubt would be enough for the blonde singer, one of the new idols of the old continent.”

Thank You ZicaZine you guys get me an American girl growing up in Detroit who went for being something different in a new way xox