21 April 2023
AntiMusic Singled Out Eliza Neals 'Candy Store'

AntiMusic Singled Out Eliza Neals ‘Candy Store’

#TGIF #musicnews from “AntiMusic” and their Singled Out series 💋
ANTIMUSIC: #Detroit #bluesrocker #ElizaNeals recently released her new single, ” #CandyStore🍬 “. To celebrate we asked her to tell us about the song. Here is the story:

ELIZA NEALS “Candy Store” my current heavy rotation single that I wrote is a follow up to the ‘Top 15 Blues Songs of 2021′ crowned by @SiriusXM #Bluesville ” #SugarDaddy🍭 ” (co-written by the late songwriting legend Barrett Strong and myself.) Powerhouse #Blueswomen like #RuthBrown , #KokoTaylor and #EttaJames inspired “Candy Store.” My previous singles ” #LoveDrLove ,” ” #PawnShopBlues ,” “Sugar Daddy” and “Candy Store” are supposed to be listened to in succession as a trilogy of short musical stories for my fans to laugh and dance to.
On my 1937 Hardman baby grand piano, I began getting the feel, tempo and the bluesy groove to where it felt just right. The lyrics are what you would call “playing the dozens” in African American culture (which I have been exposed to extensively in Detroit,) but it’s all in good fun. A tongue in cheek lyric with a blues groove that makes you dance was what I was going for when writing this song. I feel women who are taking back their independence from whomever could use a song that makes everyone laugh and it’s ok to tell ’em ‘the candy store is closed’.”
ANTIMUSIC: Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself on youtube here 🎥 https://youtu.be/1Q0RpmEcbSg 👈🏽 Catch me tonight in #LasVegas @thesanddollarlv 10pm for a #Bluesrock⭐️💥 #TouringArtist #RecordingArtist #RadioStar #NewMusic #LivePerformer #PowerhouseVocals #songwritersofinstagram #musiciansofinstagram #producersofinstagram #pianoplayer #musiccomposer #vegasnightlife  🎰