11 June 2024

Bluestown Music Netherlands Eliza Neals Colorcrimes Review

Wonderful review from Bluestown Music in the Netherlands! Thanks so much for this super review … here’s the translation:

Singer/pianist Eliza Neals has been making waves in the United States in recent years as a class blues rock act, after she released the blues rock album ‘Badder To The Bone’ with considerable success in 2022.
In my review of that album I wrote: “The Lady got SOUL!” and on her new album (produced and written by herself on her own record label) ‘Colorcrimes’ it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth, because ‘Colorcrimes’ has become a real soul album. Not surprising in itself if you know that Neals comes from Detroit (Motown!) and her songwriting mentor until recently was the famous Tamla Motown singer-songwriter Barrett Strong (Strong passed away in early 2023).
‘Colorcrimes’ opens with the acoustic gospel soul of Heal This Land and continues with the semi-acoustic Banned In Jackson with those typical soul backing vocals (all sung by Eliza Neals herself). Title song Colorcrimes is a beautiful piano ballad and is followed by the Philly soul of Something’s Better Than Nothing (written by Neals and the aforementioned Barrett Strong) with beautiful slide guitar work by guitarist, songwriter and mixing engineer Michael Puwal.
In Love Dr. Love we make a small move towards New Orleans funk and with the Supremes-like Sugar Daddy we are completely back to the Motown sound of Barrett Strong. Candy Store, which was released as a single prior to the release of ‘Colorcrimes’, is based on a classic rhythm & blues riff, after which we return to the pure soul of Found Me Another and Friday Night (All Day Long).
‘Colorcrimes’ has become a beautiful heavy soul album by a bluesy soul singer-songwriter who has her act together (not only) musically.”